We offer our services in different lines of work, which are:

  • Information, media and telecommunications
  • Insurance and finance
  • Building industry, food processing industry and other industries
  • Energy industries
  • Sales
  • Public services

Where have we been gaining experiences

Our employees have experiences with  clients, that include:

In the Czech republic

  • ADUT Moravia, s.r.o. (auditing services)
  • Julius Meinl Baliarne, s.r.o. ? organizační složka (auditing services)
  • Chemopetrol, a.s. Litvínov (expert´s services)
  • CONSTRUCT HOLDING, a.s. (preparation of consolidated final accounts)
  • 1. czech servis centrum, spol. s r.o. (auditing services)
  • Zetor, a.s. (expert´s services in evaluation of trade mark)
  • Elektrosvit Karlovy Vary,Ostrava,Teplice,IM-EX Brno,s.r.o. a Svatobořice,a.s. (audits)
  • Elektrovod Bratislava, organizační složka Brno (audit, accountant consultancy)
  • Technické služby Brno?sever (audit, consultancy - transformation and termination of a allowance organisation)
  • ŽPSV, a.s. Uherský Ostroh (accountant consultancy and also for ŽS Bratislava, a.s.)
  • LUXOR PRESS a.s. (experts services,audit)
  • SASTA, s.r.o. (build saving - audit)
  • AGRO BON SENS, a.s. IF v likvidaci (audit, activity of receiver)
  • EUROVIA ? Cesty, a.s. (expert´s services for Stavby silnic a železnic, a.s. according to § 196a ObchZ.)
  • ČESKÁ RAFINÉRSKA SLOVAKIA s.r.o. (expertise ? evaluation of business share according to § 196a ObchZ.)
  • LÍDL MUSIC, s.r.o. (audit, accountant consultancy)
  • DATAINVEST Praha, s.r.o. (accountant consultancy about stocks and shares)
  • FINANCE Zlín, a.s. - obchodník s cen.papíry (audit, expert services, transformationa consultancy)
  • K + K Broker, s.r.o. (assurance agent - accountant consultancy for K + K Broker Slovakia)
  • CROSSTEC, s.r.o. Praha ( audit)
  • ProMidas, a.s. (consultancy with the transformation from a.s. to s.r.o.)
  • Banner Baterie ČR, s.r.o. Praha (accountant consultancy)
  • Gradace Group, a.s. Praha (audit,expert services)
  • Nadace Hnutí Grálu (audit, accountant consultancy)
  • České muzeum výtvarných umění v Praze (audit, accountant consultancy)

In Slovakia

  • Železnice Slovenskej republiky (audit, expert services)
  • Ministerstvo financí Slovenskej republiky (audit of it's parts)
  • VUJE, a.s. - Výskumný ústav jadrových elektrární, Trnava (audit, consolidation and accountant consultancy )
  • Považské mlyny a cestovinárne, s.r.o. Piešťany (audit, expert services)
  • Siemens Building Technologies Slovensko, s.r.o. (audit, tax consultancy)
  • Landis & Staefa ESCO Slovensko s.r.o. (audit, tax consultancy)
  • Elektrosystém, a.s. Bratislava (audit)
  • Tercoplast Bratislava, a.s. (audit also at TCP Zlín, s.r.o., consultancy with transformation)
  • Mesto Lučenec (audit, accountant consultancy)
  • Ipeľské Tehelne, a.s. (audit, tax and accountant consultancy)
  • Magistrát mesta Košíc (consultancy of transformation of city companies into holdings)
  • Systémy automatizačnej techniky Bratislava, s.r.o. (audit, tax and accountant consultancy)
  • MCST, a.s. (telecommunication systems for MV SR, audit, tax consultancy)
  • ZPD Poltár (application services with the establishment and maintenance of information system )

Most recent audits:

Statutary audit

  • Vitis Trade CZ, s.r.o. (2004 - 2008) ? wine and spirits selling business
  • Agrohelp a.s. (2000 - 2011 including consolidated financial statement) ? controlling company of a group of the agricultural type
  • PARADISO Czech, s.r.o. (2001 - 2006 including a consolidated financial statement till 2005) ? groceries selling business
  • MELIORACE, a.s. (2000 - 2010) ? building company
  • J.P.PLAST, s.r.o. (2000 - 2011) ? PVC manufacturer also for cars
  • ESET Software, s.r.o. (2007 - 2010) ? software company specializing on antivirus products
  • TIMEX Inc. S.r.o. (2003 - 2006) ? coffee selling company
  • LABORATOŘE MIKROCHEM spol. s r.o. (2000 and on) ? research company for Olomouc, Ostrava, Zlín and Brno region
  • CHEMOLAK TRADE, spol. s r.o. (2004 ? 2008) ? paint selling company
  • KES ? kabelové a elektrické systémy, spol. s r.o. (2010) ? production cable and electrical bundles (in cooperation with CONSULTATIO from Wien)
  • ALMiG KOMPRESORY Ltd. (2012 ? 2013 including IFRS compliance) ? a company with sales and installation of screw compressors
  • UNIKOV Steel spol. s r.o. (2012 and on) ? manufacture of metal furniture


Audit of Grands from the EU

  • G IMPULS Praha spol. s r.o. ? in program Safe Rail ? they create programs for safer railways
  • Chamber of Commerce Hodonín ? in the operational program Education for Competitiveness
  • County Chamber of Commerce South Moravian region ? in the operational program Education for Competitiveness


Other recent activity:

Expert valuation

  • stocks and shares evaluation net4net, a.s.
  • evaluation of company KAŇÁK, spol. s r.o. while selling according to the § 196a ObchZ.
  • evaluation of business share v PARADISO Czech, s.r.o. while selling
  • evaluation of company R.B.M. Production s.r.o. for selling purposes
  • evaluation of in-kind contribution in the form of stocks and shares to LUXOR PRESS, a.s. as order to increase the share capital


Accounting advice

  • van Baerle VS s.r.o.
  • Rybotel CZ s.r.o. in Hodonín
  • ŽOS Trnava, a.s. for registration of VAT in the Czech Republic and creating of VAT statements quarterly
  • Prvá Penzijná, curator company, a.s. for international accounting standards and IFRS
  • ŠEVČÍK OKNA, s.r.o. in Hodonín
  • AERO Vodochody, a.s.
  • BEUKER Slovakia, s.r.o., organizational unit in Hodonín, creating of a financial statement
  • Bossard CZ a SK s.r.o. creating of a financial statement
  • Kiboon Mobile s.r.o. creating of a financial statement
  • Petra Ratíškovice s.r.o. solving tax problems with the Slovak Republic
  • Slevomat.cz s.r.o. solving tax problems with the Slovak Republic
  • Stavební Firma Plus s.r.o. z Hodonína solving tax problems with the Slovak Republic
  • M-Art, s.r.o. Hodonín s.r.o. enumeration of reserves


Cooperation in obtaining external funds (loans or grants):

Assistance in business plans

  • ELEKTROVOD Praha, s.r.o.
  • CARO ? butchery
  • Penzion Pod Lipou - Brodský
  • ASIA ? MTZ, s.r.o.
  • MTD-Furniture

Of course this list represents only selected subjects due to their specializations.