Company that continues a long-year tradition of INTERAUDIT companies, which were established with foreign capital participation and they provide services to all clients since 1991 in the following departments:

  • audit of final accounts
  • valuation of companies and their individual unites of property, liabilities and own equity.
  • economical and accounting guidance including supervision of internal accounting relationship

We profite from experience gained by working with various customers in Czech and Slovkia Republic.


INTERAUDIT LUTO 21 and it's employees are distinguished:

  • responsible approach to clients
  • state of the art expertise and technical ability
  • international focus
  • their extensive experience and partnerships
  • communicational skill and team work

In the Czech republic INTERAUDIT LUTO 21 has approximatelly 10 partners and employees, and besides others 10 external collabolators. The offices are situated in Prague, Brno and Hodonín.


Contemporary Partners INTERAUDIT LUTO 21

Ing. Peter  Kováčik Agent of company Auditor in CZE, SVK, tax consultant in SVK, valuation expert
Jana Mitkovová Chief Clerk Wage Specialist and accountant expert
Miroslav Hubáček Head of Brno branch Auditor´s assistant, accountant expert
Ing. Dana Kováčiková Agent of Company Auditor´s assistant and accountant specialist
Ing. Pavel Jedlička   Specialist for manufacturing corporations and accounting expert
Ing. Eva Antonínová   Auditor in CZE and accountant specialist
Ing. Lubomír Motl   Tax consultant in CZE, specialist for VAT and accountant expert

Present key asociates to INTERAUDIT LUTO 21

Ing. Bořivoj Rektořík Tax consultant in CZE and valuation expert in CZE
RNDr. Peter Ferenc Tax consultant in CZE, specialist for tax jurisdiction and accountant expert
Ing. Milan Pořízka Interpreter - translator from German and English, accountant expert
Ing. Ladislav Hráček  External specialist for multinational customers

INTERAUDIT LUTO 21 - Genesis progression including predecessors and associates.

  • In 1991 the original parent Companies INTERAUDIT SLOVAKIA, s.r.o. in Bratislava and INTERAUDIT BOHEMIA, s.r.o. in Prague were established
  • In 1992 subcompanies were established in Czech and Slovakia republic, besides others also INTERAUDIT LUČENEC, s.r.o.
  • In 1993 Mr. Ing. Kováčik Peter became a partner in INTERAUDIT LUČENEC, s.r.o., at that time as a tax consultant in SVK.
  • In 1994 a affiliated company INTERAUDIT MORAVIA, s.r.o. was established. It had six employees, other external associates and the founders were Ing. Obšil Přemysl and Ing. Štěnička Miroslav, our long time partners till today.
  • In 1995 Mr.Kováčik as a partner of INTERAUDIT LUČENEC, s.r.o. has moved from Lučenec to Hodonín and with his wife started the company LUTO 21, s.r.o.
  • In 1996 the company TAXAUDIT, kom. spol., was established in Slovakia which concured the INTERAUDITcompanies with its focus on so-called tax audit. Cofounder, unlimited partner and statutor of the company was Ing. Kováčik, who in the same year vindicated the auditorial specialization in Chamber of Auditors of the Czech Republic- KAČR.
  • In 1997 in the framework of INTERAUDIT companies a new controlling company INTERAUDIT GROUP, s.r.o. was founded. Ing. Kováčik became its partner. In this company there are 10 auditors, 30 assistants of auditor and othert 10 specialists in in other connecting fields, especially in the  field of companie evaluation.
  • In the years 1998 and 1999 Ing. Peter Kováčik established himself on the auditorial market in Czech Republic
  • In the year 2000 LUTO 21, s.r.o. expanded its activity, changed its name to INTERAUDIT LUTO 21, s.r.o. and adopted new partners.
  • In 2001 INTERAUDIT LUTO 21, s.r.o. extended its activity of evaluation of companies property from evaluating of property concessions to evaluation of movable assets, unmovable assets, intangible property, financial property and evaluation of companies.
  • In 2002 Ing. Obšil Přemysl , one of the cofounders of IAL 21, terminated his activity with the company but he continues as a external assitent in the field of Property and Project development evaluation.
  • In 2003 INTERAUDIT GROUP, s.r.o. incorporated itself into the international network of auditing, accounting and consultant companies NEXIA INTERNATIONAL that is a long time tenth on the international scale of auditorial companies size wise.
  • Between the years 2004 to 2006 the company fixed its structure and specialised its focus on the auditorial and appraisers market.
  • In 2007 colleague Miroslav Hubáček established a new branch office IAL 21 in centre of Brno at the adress Příkop 27/2a, near by IBC and and shut down the old ofiice at U dráhy 16, 664 49 Ostopovice
  • In 2008 a more intense collaboration with NEXIA AP, a.s. (originally until the end of 2008 called Audit Plus, s.r.o.) started and Mr. Kovaciks involvement in INTERAUDIT Lučenec, s.r.o. was terminated.
  • In 2009 our company has began a more deeper approach for using modern technologies of auditing in particular on the basis of past experiences from supervising the audit profession that INTERAUDIT LUTO 21 has gained from the Chamber of auditors of the Czech Republic in October 2008. At this time a restructuring of the owners structure took place where Ing. Bořivoj Rektořík sold his company share to Ing. Dana Kováčikova, a agent of the company since its establishment, and Ing. Pavel Jedlička sold his share to Ing. Eva Antonínová a successful and active auditors assistant.
  • In 2010 have brought changes upon the INTERAUDIT GROUP, s.r.o. The former controlling company became one of the local companies in the new established association of INTERAUDIT auditing companies. Ing. Peter Kováčik terminated his activities in the INTERAUDIT GROUP, s.r.o and INTERAUDIT LUTO 21, s.r.o and he became a member of the new association INTERAUDIT, with its field of action in the Czech and Slovak Republic.
  • In 2011 a new cooperation was developed with the companies CONSULTATIO from Wiena and FIZA from Brno.
  • In december 2012 sold Ing. Milan Pořízka his company share to new owner Ing. Lubomír Motl, tax consultant in CZE, specialist for VAT and accountant expert.
  • In February 2013 a colleague Ing. Eva Antonínová completed a certification system for auditors, with Certificate No. 2294 and IAL21 company began using the new software for the management of audit documentation.
  • Year 2014 began to be marked by the use of 4 years of research and development in Technology development acquisition and implementation audits. In the summer of 2014 Dr. Ferenc Peter sold his share of the business Ing. Paul Jedlicka, companion, who returned back. Dr.. Peter Ferenc remained a cooperative partner, and his experiences are still used in favor of the company. In late summer 2014 a colleague Miroslav Hubacek set up a new office and the branches of IAL Billet 21 to 21, and also canceled the old establishment next to the IBC, na Příkopu 27/2.