Our goal is to create a steady and pleased clientbase by pursuing improvement of our work, intensive use of new possibilities in information technology and a constant pursuit of legislative development.

     Our goal is to have a reputable company with a wide field of expertise that is able to provide high-quality services through motivated and educated employees, who use the most modern techniques and continuously share their knowledge towards a ongoing development of the company and having the competitive edge against other competitors. 

Company is built as a open company. Our openness is focusing on more areas: 

  • An area focusing on clients and their needs
  • An area focusing on partners and potentiation associates for a narrower or wider collaboration
  • An area focusing on employees meaning their expertise, motivation and generall knowledge

Partnership with the company INTERAUDIT LUTO 21

The partnership of our company with the INTERAUDIT companies across the Czech and Slovak republic is based on joint methodical activity and collaboration on supraregional deals.

We was partners of association INTERAUDIT, which was established in 2011 like a red of auditor companies where belong companies INTERAUDIT Trenčín, INTERAUDIT Group, spol. s r.o., INTERAUDIT Benetip Žilina, with seat in Bratislava, AC AUDIT CASSOVIA, INTERAUDIT Levice a INTERAUDIT Bratislava. The association INTERAUDIT cooperatives also with INTERAUDITom UNIVERZÁL and INTERAUDIT International. Very stretch cooperation is developed also with B. AUDIT Kyjov.

We offer to our clients:

  • qualified mindset from all our employees and partners
  • expertise in the given field
  • innovative personel willing to adapt to our clients new requirements
  • we aren't afraid of new challenges and possibilities that our clients would require
  • we stick to the principle of user friendly approach