What do we understand like an audit?

Audit is essentially verification of some facts. It differs from the concept of inspection in such way that the end result of an audit is a assurance or an opinion, but its result is not penalized. On the other hand, an inspection tends in conclusion to end with a penalty in form of a sanction usually in pecuniary form.

In all cases, it is voicing of an opinion by a third independent party who is adequately trained and sufficiently objective.

More information about our services of the company INTERAUDIT LUTO 21, s.r.o., in the area of audit you can find the the part FAQ - Frequently answer questions.

An audit carried out by our administration is a verification of accounts and annual reports in terms of whether these documents accurately and honestly reflect facts that these above-mentioned documents show. In the case of screening reports of related persons it is a confirmation done by elimination in a way that does not contain significant factual inaccuracies. In the event of an audit of a selected segment of the property, weights or components of equity is to verify the accuracy of recognition and evaluation of these business components

In terms of services procured in audit, we offer you:

  • statutory audit of financial statements and annual reports, including a review report on relations between related parties
  • audited consolidated financial statements and consolidated annual report
  • specific audit for specific purposes
  • Audit feasibility of budgetary and contributory organizations
  • Audit of foundations and non-profit organizations

The main types of audits and companies for which we know to secure financial audit:

  • LTD types:
    • liability companies
    • companies with limited liability
    • cooperatives
    • an extremely limited partnerships and public business company
  • industry branches:
    • trade, services
    • agriculture
    • manufacturing companies - light and heavy industries
    • construction
    • financial markets (securities dealers, investment companies and funds)
    • insurance
    • the leasing and factoring companies
  • consolidated financial statements
    • according to Czech accounting legislation
    • according to IAS / IFRS (International accounting standards for financial reporting)
  • government
    • local administration, local government, department, local authorities
    • budgetary and contributory organizations
  • NGOs
    • Foundations
    • charitable organizations and funds
  • other specific areas of provided services:
    • particularly in the EU, the so-called confirmation of ? The utilization of grants feasibility and compliance with the conditions of grant drawdown
    • Audit of firms in liquidation
    • Audit of firms in bankruptcy
    • because of management decisions or due diligence ? Purchase and sale of the companies
    • nonmonetary investment ? a company investment or it's part, investment of the most favourite cess, intangible assets with one venture at Ltd. Companies with limited partners and also in pieces
    • in business combination of companies, in particular transformations
    • certifying the creditworthiness of an entity (e.g. banks, or future creditors, investors, ...)
    • the provision of credit